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Grab our On-the-Go Fueling for Competition + Restaurant Guide which provides dietitian-approved meal/snack ideas for the most common restaurants and a cheat sheet for meal/snack timing in and around the competition!

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Fueling for Competition Season WORKSHOP
Optimize Nutrition. More Energy. Better Performance
  • Fueling for Competition Season Myths and Misinformation 
  • Nutrition Foundation- meals/snacks, adequate fueling
  • Performance nutrition- pre/intra/post workout nutrition hydration 
  • Travel Nutrition (competition, camps)
    • Driving · Flying 
  • Hotel Nutrition 
  • Eating Out 
  • The Night Before Competition 
  • The Day of Fueling
    • -Navigating Meet Start Times
    • -Nervous Stomach 
    • -Intraworkout Nutrition 
  • Wrap Up

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